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"Purse Masterpieces"

Purse Masterpieces

Written by Lynell K. Schwartz, this new book examines the intimate link between the fine art of purse making and the fashion history of purses.  Along with detailed photographs, there are vintage advertisements and catalogs, original design sketches, purse-making instructions, and rare assembly photographs, which provide fascinating peeks behind the production scene.  Order now and save money!

"Antique Purses: A History, Identification, and Value Guide"

Antique Purses Book

This wonderful book by Richard Holiner has literally hundreds and hundreds of color pictures of all types of vintage purses.  Values were updated in 1994, but considering current market trends, cannot really be considered accurate.  But for identification purposes, it is terrific!  (Soft cover)


"Vintage Purses at Their Best"

Vintage Purses Book

Written by Lynell K. Schwartz, the beautiful diversity of high quality vintage purses is presented through a  friendly and informative text with hundreds of color photos.  One of the best displays of beaded purses I have seen in any book.  Plus sections on Mandalian, mesh, vanity, plastic, and all other purse types.  Many fantastic pictures along with company histories and original old advertisements.  One of the best!

 3rd Edition Revised
and Updated April, 1999


"Handbags" by Roseann Ettinger, published  by Schiffer Publishing, Limited.  Ms. Ettinger describes bags from medieval times to the 1950s, and jams her pages with photographs, illustrations, and interesting historical tidbits about each bag.  Featured are crocheted, beaded, carved wood and ivory, silk, petit point, leather, metal, and chain varieties, each with their own design suggestions for the creative mind.  Prices included.  Soft cover, 160 pages. 

"A Century of Handbags"

"A Century of Handbags" by Kate Dooner has a few chapters on beaded and mesh purses, but is more focused on the mid-1900's more contemporary purses made of other materials.  Includes a chapter on 1970-80 designer years. Hundreds of color photos and ads.  With prices.  Soft cover, 160 pages, published 1993.

"Plastic Handbags
   Sculpture to Wear"

"Plastic Handbags: Scuplture to Wear" by Kate E. Dooner, published by Schiffer Publishing, Limited.  Wonderful book on lucite and plastic purses with hundreds of color photos.  Prices included.  Soft cover, 112 pages, 2004.

"Vintage Compacts and Beauty Accessories"

"Vintage Compacts and Beauty Accessories" by Lynell K. Schwartz.  Published in 2000.  Hard cover, 176 pages. 

"Compacts, Powder and Paint (with Values)"

"Compacts, Powder and Paint (with Values)" by Frances Johnson.  Published in 2000.  Softcover, 160 pages. 

" Evans Book: Lighters, Compacts, Perfumers and Handbags"

"Evans Book:  Lighters, Compacts, Perfumers and Handbags"  by Larry Clayton, published in 1998.  Softcover, 166 pages. 

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